Coach Paul, Man-Child

           Paul only owns Monday night. On Mondays, he steps on the field as a church-league player. Tuesday through Sunday, the girls own Paul. He will be at the field watching Oh Emily practice or play on Minors, or watching Lauren practice or play on Majors, or coaching Lauren on Juniors. […]

Home. Deeply.

January 14, 2018 Grace was home from college for the Christmas break.  College is right here in town, so she is home often.  The neighbors can look out their windows and see when she is here, and it’s often. I’ve wondered why of all places, Winston-Salem would be home to The School of the Arts….

Semicolon Project.

April 3, 2014 GRACE KNOWS I AM SENDING THIS TO YOU. SHE READ IT FIRST. My Sistas, Dot Swoosh. That’s all a semicolon is. But it’s really important. The comma is like a yield. You slow down a little, think about going forward, and go. The period is like a stop sign. Stop all the…


April 9, 2018 The sermon yesterday was a reminder that it is more blessed to give than to receive.  There is a blessing inherent in the giving.  The blessing is much more than just the possibility of that blessing being regifted back to me.  The deep blessing of giving is the joy of a deep…