Gift of the Magi


December 14, 2013
My Sistas,
First mistake was probably watching 19 Kids and Counting yesterday. I mean, who can compete with Michelle Duggar? Second mistake was on Saturday when Laura said her kids were whiny and I snarkily joked that I personally couldn’t relate. Third mistake was most likely my 3 cups of coffee this morning before church. No need to mention the cup I had at church, or the venti I am drinking right now at Barnes and Nobles.
It started off so sweetly…Emily brought in 5 of her dresses on hangers and wanted my opinion. “OH GOODY MOMMIE! That’s the one I was hoping you’d pick!” But the problem was the shoes. Why can’t a 5 year old understand that high-top-sequined-blinged-out-sneakers don’t match her church dress? And Lauren was beyond distraught that ABSOLUTELY ALL of her blouses were dirty and she had NOTHING left to wear. And what’s wrong with flip flops on a day we are expecting an ice storm? And Grace needed to borrow jewelry and couldn’t find any shoes that would look good with her new dress. And I blew my fuse and ended up throwing Emily’s dress shoes in her closet and her bling shoes into my room–not really at Paul exactly, though he was in the line of fire. And I stomped off downstairs to do what nobody complains about when I do it because it’s the job nobody else wants to do. Empty that stupid dishwasher! Paul came in to help me and I started crying and said “I don’t want to be the Mommie today!” He wisely agreed that stepping aside might be a good choice for me today, then I threw the dinner knives in the drawer. Again, not really at Paul, but bless his heart, his hand was in the drawer right then putting away the spoons!
So I sit in Barnes and Nobles by myself. I drove separately to church so I could run away after service. I’m sure my kids won’t miss their rage-a-holic mother for a few hours.
When I saw Chris was going to preach this morning, I knew I would be steeping deeply in a history lesson. Every point was soaked with relevance about the history leading to the birth of Jesus. We were everywhere from Genesis to Daniel to Matthew. Babylon to Persia to Greece to Rome to a stable in Bethlehem. What an insight into these Magi from the East. Coronators of Royalty. More than just the figures in bathrobes and birthday hats in the Nativity scene. They were announcers of the Baby King. They brought their gift of gold to mark His royalty. Frankincense resin to mark His priestly divinity. And embalming anointing oil myrrh to mark His death. They couldn’t have understood that their gifts could never compare to what He would offer them. They worshipped a baby with no earthly right to any throne. This baby who would someday wash my feet and NEVER pick a fight about shoes. Taunted by Satan himself yet respond with scripture instead of snarky quips. Recline at a meal teaching about His Father and tell Martha not to worry about putting away the dishes. Teach me that perfect love is beyond a Dugger and found only in Him. Pour out His blood for new life when there would never be enough Starbucks to rejuvenate a tired mom. Bear the cross for my sins without lamenting “I don’t want to be the Christ today!”
Glad He is the Christ today and always. Advent blessing to all as we journey to Bethlehem.
Treasure Seeker jacked up on coffee,

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