Luke Combs, I Shaved My Damn Legs For You And I Didn’t Even Get A T-Shirt

August 18, 2018

Luke Combs, I shaved my damn legs for you and I didn’t even get a T-shirt.

Lauren’s first concert was going to be Luke Combs opening up for Jason Aldean. Her daddy bought 4 tix for Lauren’s 14th birthday, but we didn’t tell her right away. At her bday dinner, Emily announced that her gift to her sister would be a Luke Combs concert T-shirt. Lauren was a little annoyed to hear she would be getting a shirt from a concert she didn’t have tickets to. “Lauren! You’re going to the concert!” Lauren was thrilled to hear 4 of us would be going. Lauren, her best friend Zoey, Zoey’s mom Lori, and me. I’m not really an Aldean or Combs fan. I’m not a hater, but I really only listen to them when I’m driving the Middle Schoolers somewhere. I really only know a few songs. But My Lovely wanted to see Luke.

Concert morning, we spent two hours at the mall looking for the perfect outfit for Lauren. Two hours and two stores, and Lauren wasn’t really in love with what she chose, but time was limited. Lauren picked out a new shirt for me, but since it was almost identical to what Zoey was planning on wearing, I changed. That was outfit change #1. Lauren decided she wasn’t comfortable in the top she spent 2 hours picking out, so she put on one of Zoey’s flannel shirts. Outfit change #2. She brought another shirt just in case, so after dinner she had outfit change #3. During dinner, Lori was cold so she covered up with my shirt that matched Zoey’s. Outfit change #4.

I had been watching the weather reports all week. It looked like we might get some rain. It’s an outdoor amphitheater and not all the seats have overhead cover. But that’s fine. Surely my husband considered that when he bought the tix. I’m sure our seats have cover. During the 2 hour shopping trip, I noticed our online tix clearly said “NO ROOF.” That’s fine. Maybe that’s the name of this tour. No. It’s not. The tix clearly say “High Noon Neon Tour.” That’s fine. Umbrellas and ponchos.

We drove through a monsoon going to Raleigh. We got through it. Then traffic got crazy and the GPS said there was a flood ahead. A flood. We were delayed 30 minutes for a big puddle. Lori mumbled something about NC drivers, and we joked about getting a bumper sticker that says “I brake for puddles.”

Parking for dinner was $5 at a place that didn’t quite live up to its Yelp reviews, but the servers were polite. While at dinner, we got an email. “We are evacuating for Jason Aldean. Please seek shelter.” But it didn’t say it was cancelled. The concert was supposed to start at 7:30, but at 8:15, the gates were still locked. We stood at the back of the line with thousands of ticket holders. That’s when I noticed I didn’t have a cell signal and I couldn’t pull up our tickets on my phone. Oh crap!

But that’s fine, because right as my stress level was maxing out, a security guard walked by announcing “concert is cancelled and rescheduled for September 8.” That happened.

I get it. The radar was showing more storms on the way. Monsoon rain with lightning. Nobody needs that mess. Safety first. But Luke Combs, I shaved my damn legs for you and I didn’t even get a T-shirt.

But here is what I did get. Weeks ago when we told Lauren she was going to the concert with Zoey, she squealed! When we told her Lori and I were going with her, she was excited and not bummed out. She left a note for her dad and me that night saying “Thank y’all for making this a great bday. Thx for the tix to Luke caint wait. Love-Lauren.” I wasn’t thrilled about “caint,” but that’s fine. She was excited when I let her pick out a shirt for me at the mall, and she picked out my new backpack/pocketbook for the concert. I got to listen to 2 of my favorite Middle Schoolers singing along with their favorite hot jam through a monsoon and lightning and puddles and traffic. When it was Lori’s turn to control the hot jam, I learned that she likes Patsy Cline and Jewel, and that’s some good tunes for a long car ride. And while we were wondering why 5 lanes of traffic were all being funneled into one lane trying to park, we learned that the world does not revolve around Zoey. And Lauren learned she needs to go to the bathroom before we leave home next time. And no offense to you Luke, but I got to listen to my 1970’s Rod Stewart when it was my turn for hot jam. I heard more laughter out of Lauren and Zoey than I’ve heard in a long time. We talked about boys and school and friendship and weddings. And even though we left the PFT at 3:40 and didn’t get home until after 11 without seeing a concert, I didn’t hear them complain.

I’ve heard you sing “When It Rains It Pours” a hundred times, and that was really the only song Lauren cared about hearing at the concert. We’ll catch it on September 8. But I totally understand that song. Nobody wanted it to rain last night and ruin our plans. But I got to hang with the girls last night. I’ll bet we had a better time than you did, because you were probably backstage worrying about letting everyone down. Don’t worry about it my friend, we are good. I’m coming for a T-shirt though. And next time I not going to shave my legs until after I check the weather.

And it’s crazy how, lately now, it just seems to come in waves

What I thought was gonna be the death of me was my saving grace

It’s got me thinking that her leaving is the only logical reason

That I got the last spot in the Hooter’s parking lot

And the waitress left her number on my check with a heart

She picked up on the first ring when I gave her a call

And I only spent five bucks at the Moose Club Raffle

Won a used four-wheeler and three free passes

For me and two of my buddies to play a round of golf

And I ain’t gotta see my ex future mother-in-law anymore

Oh lord, when it rains it pours

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