Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails…

April 11, 2022

Y’all this…Grace and Eli are having a son! Won’t it be wonderful to watch a little boy wander through our world?!

I have to admit that I was officially undecided despite Grace’s best efforts to make me choose Team Boy or Team Girl. Two weeks ago I was leaning girl, but last week I thought boy. And just as I never choose sides for the Super Bowl, I decided to split my loyalties on the gender reveal issue by wearing purple and painting my toe nails both pink and blue. Most of the people who made their guesses were correct. And Lauren, or Aunt L-Dawg as she calls herself, was quick to point out how right she was by guessing boy.

I’m accepting all advice about raising a grandson. I know how to love, so I think I’ve got that part covered. And I’ve heard I need to keep the nether region tented while changing a boy’s diaper. But beyond that, all you other boy grandparents please feel free to send words of wisdom.

We had the most delightful day for the gender reveal party yesterday. Couldn’t have asked for prettier weather to be outside in our yard. Kenzie, Grace’s friend since childhood, hosted an amazing party. What a pleasure to spend last weekend doing party prep, yesterday afternoon doing party set up, and last evening celebrating with a young lady we’ve watched grow up before our eyes. Grace and Kenzie have loved and supported each other through a lot of ups and downs, and last night was snap-shot of their friendship.

I can’t wait to watch Grace grow into motherhood. She’ll rock it like she does everything else…with her own style and a funky vibe. Rebecca asked me today how Grace seemed after the party. Thankful. Grace seemed thankful. She’s been through so much, and now she is settling into herself. She’s not settling; she’s settling into who she has been becoming. Having a son is exactly right for her, and 18 hours after learning McBaby would be a son, I can’t imagine anything more perfect for her.

I know Eli will be an amazing father. He has a kind, good, gentle spirit in him that isn’t intimidated by being shown. His tenderness will serve him well to soften the edges that a strong willed, hard headed offspring might bring to the table. But while Eli’s son will know the tender side of his dad, he will have no doubt of his father’s mighty strength and willingness to battle against dangers that come against their family.

And speaking of Eli’s family…how was yesterday the first time we met his momma and some of his sisters? Those ladies breezed through the door and acted just like they belonged here. I love it. Eli has good people. We are honored to know his family and friends, and if you’re Eli’s people, you’re our people too.

Grace brought some friends to the party also. It’s heartwarming to watch her friends show up to cheer and celebrate such an exciting milestone. Some of these faces I’ve seen before, and I’m hoping to see all of them again. Any friend of Grace’s is a friend of ours. You’re always welcome here.

I told Lauren the other day that there’s always a moment before a party starts when I think to myself that the party will be a flop, no one will enjoy themselves, and I should have done this or that instead of those or these. There wasn’t time for that yesterday because we were prepping and decorating and making the balloon arch and setting out food (So. Much. Food) right up until party time. There’s still a bunch of decorations we didn’t use, and I forgot to put the cotton candy out on the ice cream table. I would have loved it if we’d been able to get the back deck painted but it’s been too windy lately. And I’m a little annoyed our pine needles still haven’t been delivered yet. But I watched people love My Gorgeous and Mr. Right and McBaby Butterbean, and play corn hole and lawn checkers, and snap pics at the photo booth, and do Tictox, and roast marshmallows at the fire pit, and sit in the yard chatting, and wander through the house eating, and listen to Ice Ice Baby and Baby I Love Your Way and Parents Just Don’t Understand and Butterfly Kisses and Sweet Child O’Mine and a bunch of other cute songs. And yes I saw you Mr. Mauk checking the Master’s golf score on the tv and your phone. And I think the party was perfect. We are excited to meet this precious baby boy. Lolli and Papa, Auntie Em and Aunt L-Dawg love you so much!

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