She’s Real and She’s Spectacular!

May 26, 2018

She wasn’t always so cute and helpful. She was annoying and obnoxious and bossy, and I really used to think she would go through life with absolutely zero friends.

She grew out of it.

She’s probably got more friends than I do, but I’ve got more enemies! And she holds those friends near and dear to her heart. If you’ve ever called on her for support, prayer, advice, or laughter, you know she doesn’t disappoint. She is all in!

Nobody does service like my sister. She’s adored by every single WSFC teacher, obviously, because she won the 2018 Judy Mountjoy Volunteer of the Year Award. And she was recognized at the 2018 Governor’s Volunteer Service Award. And did I mention she has Gold Status in the 2018 President’s Volunteer Service Award? Her kids learn service from her. Logan and Chloe have joined her in putting together assistance bags to hand out to the homeless, and have asked for donations to the local animal shelter in place of birthday gifts from friends.

I am quite sure her husband Keith thanks God daily for bringing Laura to him. Laura and Keith rescued each other from grief that would have destroyed most sane people. But they are stronger because of their pain and because of their God who delivered them through it. They give all glory to Him, and they don’t take any credit for themselves.

Aunt LaLa is total badass in the Cool Aunt department. She’s got a practical side, but I don’t think it was showing when Grace and I were zip lining with Laura. And Emily loved the impromptu ice skating adventure last winter and various trips to the trampoline park. And my Lauren will never, ever forget the surprise 12th birthday party Laura threw for her when Grace was in the hospital. And I know Keith’s nephew and niece, Spencer and Savannah, have their own Auntie stories to tell.

Laura has been my harshest critic and fiercest supporter. She has stood up to me and put me in my place when I needed it, and she has stood up for me when I could no longer fight my battles. She has spoken for me when I didn’t have words, and she has forgiven me when my words have hurt her.

Laura has this annoying habit of showing up when I don’t want her to, but I really want her to. When I texted her that I was at the hospital with Lauren months ago, I purposely didn’t tell her which hospital, because I didn’t see any reason for Laura to climb out of bed and change out her jammies so late at night. But she found us anyway and just sat with us while tests were run. And years ago when Lauren had her accident, Laura prayed over Lauren in the triage unit. And when Emily went to the hospital for epilepsy, Laura drove me to the hospital then came back to my house to help Grace and Lauren get to school. And when Grace needed to be hospitalized, I called 9-1-1 because I knew they could handle Grace’s emergency. And Paul called Laura because he knew she could handle EVERYTHING ELSE.

Laura is the Dixie cup to my fine China. She’s the au naturale to my Sephora and Ulta. She’s the unplaced chocolate cake to my 2nd place apple cake at the Vienna Fall Festival (that was snarky but I couldn’t resist). She is the American Chopper to my Keeping Up With The Kardashains.

Laura is much more practical than I am. She’s responsible and reliable. I want to be her someday, and to misquote one of the great sayings from Seinfeld, she’s REAL and she’s SPECTACULAR!

Happy birthday to my sweet Sista and baby sister Laura!

(And in all fairness, Laura has won a Blue Ribbon at the Dixie Classic Fair for her amazing Ginger Snap Cookies. And she is so stinking industrious, she sells them to raise money for Chloe to go to Turtle Camp in Florida. That’s so not me. If I make something yummy, I just eat it.)

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